Peter’s Friday Favourites

Fancy five fresh Friday Favourites? Fantastic!

Every Friday on the Peter’s blog, we take a look at five new products we love. We can’t wait to introduce you to this week’s Friday Favourites. Let’s get straight into it…!

Royal Doulton Rain CrystalRoyal Doulton Rain Crystal Wine Glasses

With the weather here in Sydney finally starting to get more wintery every day, we thought the name of Royal Doulton’s latest range of crystal glassware was quite appropriate. With a pattern of vertical cuts that look like raindrops, sparkling in the light, these delightful glasses make rainy days magical again. Here’s a link to the range.

Clifton Birdcage UmbrellaClifton Leopard Print Birdcage Umbrella

While on the subject of rain, have you ever noticed how the city changes when the clouds begin to break? Cars splash through puddles, soaking unsuspecting pedestrians; everyone’s suddenly in a huge rush to get wherever they’re going without getting wet. It’s an urban jungle out there, but with Clifton’s new Birdcage Umbrella, you’ll not only survive, but fit in perfectly. With a clear top to let the light in, as well as a distinctive leopard print border, this stylish umbrella makes being out in the rain look good. If leopard print isn’t your thing, that’s okay. We’ve got plenty of other colours!

Tablekraft Soho Cutlery SetTablekraft Soho Rose Gold Cutlery Set

Our love of metallic finishes is well documented, so when this majestic cutlery set landed on our desk, it was love at first sight. Soho’s simple shapes combine with a showstopping satin rose gold finish to create a cutlery set that’s guaranteed to take your next dinner party to whole new levels of awesome. Even better – it’s also available in glamorous gold and dramatic black. Hello, Soho.

Kate Spade Rise to the Occasion CandleKate Spade Rise to the Occasion Scented Candle

There’s no point denying it. We’re proud Kate Spade fangirls. We’re particularly fond of her candles in ceramic holders, with striped designs remind us of old classic Pocket Penguin books. At the centre of this candle, a simple message, written in shiny gold – “Rise to the Occasion”. Beautiful, inspirational and functional, this candle has it all worked out. Here’s the rest of the range.

Tassen Impish MugTassen Impish Mug

A mug with personality? Yep. Tassen mugs are loaded with charm and humour. With one eyebrow raised and a wry grin, the Impish Mug definitely looks like it’s up to something. This mug is perfect for tea breaks spent hatching evil plans…or just contemplating the day. Be warned though – your family and friends will all want one of their own! It’s a good thing there are a few other designs available.

Thanks for reading our Friday Favourites! We’ve got big news to announce later tonight. Keep an eye on the blog, social media, the website and your email for more…

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