It’s the first Friday of March…can you believe how fast this year is going? Talking of fast things, we have five amazing products we can’t wait to show off in this week’s Friday Favourites post. In fact, we’re so excited about these gorgeous new arrivals, we don’t want to keep you waiting a moment, Read More

Had a stressful week? Today’s edition of Friday Favourites will have you chilled out in no time… If you’re new to the Peter’s Blog, Friday Favourites is the weekly post in which we take a look at five of our favourite new products here at Peter’s. And this week, we’ve selected five products, all designed, Read More

Every week, hundreds of new products are added to the Peter’s of Kensington website. Sure, some take  a starring role in one of our Newsletters, or on the front page of our website. But other new products might not necessarily receive this attention – and it’s these products that our Friday Favourites posts are, Read More

So, it’s Friday – and on the Peter’s Blog, that means it’s time for Friday Favourites! If you’re new around these parts, here’s the deal – every Friday, we take a look at five of our most impressive new arrivals. After all, with hundreds of products added to our website every week, finding the, Read More

Have you heard? Our Grand Re-Opening Sale is ending at midnight this Sunday, so this is your last chance to take advantages of our Sale prices. Which means that this right here is the final Sale Edition of our Friday Favourites posts! We’ve saved the best for last. Let’s get on with things… Robert, Read More

It’s Friday…although with Australia Day yesterday, and the weekend kicking off tomorrow, it feels like a slightly weird kind of Friday. If you’re taking today off and enjoying a long weekend, give yourself a pat on the back. If you’re at work and feeling a little stressed, take a big, deep breath and remember – even, Read More

Yay! It’s our first Friday Favourites post for 2017! If you’re new to the Peter’s Blog, here’s the deal: every Friday, we choose five products from the hundreds of new goodies we’ve added to the website during the week to profile, just for you. We’re a pretty discerning bunch here in the Peter’s web department,, Read More

This is it. The last Friday Favourites post for 2016! We hope you’re ready! Today, like every Friday here on the Peter’s blog, we’re taking a look at our five favourite new products for the week. After all, we have so many amazing new products arriving every week. These are the five products we, Read More

The year might nearly be over, but there’s still plenty of new stuff arriving at Peter’s every day! In this week’s Friday Favourites post, we’re taking a up-close look at just five of our coolest new arrivals. From dinnerware that’s perfect for summer, tape to give your Christmas gift wrapping skills a colourful boost,, Read More

It’s Friday? Already? Huh? Where did the week go? Oh well – we don’t mind. In fact, Friday is our favourite day of the week here at Peter’s, because it’s the day we share our weekly Friday Favourites: five of our coolest new products, selected by our busy web team, just for you. Here, Read More