A great big welcome to Friday Favourites – the weekly post where we take a look at five of our favourite new arrivals for the week. Today’s is the first Friday Favourites post for spring, and we’re really looking forward to the weather warming up – so much so, in fact, that our first, Read More

Every Friday on the Peter’s Blog, we take a closer look at five new products we’ve added to the website this week. We call it Friday Favourites. It’s your chance to take a bit of an insider’s look into some of the new additions to our range that have impressed us so much, we, Read More

There are so many brilliant new products that arrive at Peter’s of Kensington every week, we couldn’t possibly feature them all on our eNewsletters or Daily Deal newsletters. That’s why we have our weekly Friday Favourites post. It’s our chance to tell you about five of our favourite new arrivals every week. These are, Read More

There are so many amazing perks to working in the Peter’s of Kensington web department. One is being the first people in the store to take a look at all our latest arrivals. Another is the honour of choosing five new products every week to feature in our Friday Favourites post! It’s a chance for us to ramble, Read More

Friday means one thing at Peter’s. Actually, it means five things! Every Friday here on the Peter’s Blog, our Friday Favourites post profiles five of our favourite new arrivals. With hundreds of new things added to our website every week, these are the five products that have impressed us the most. Let’s start this, Read More

Um. So don’t freak out or anything, but this Sunday is the last day of our Stocktake Sale! That’s the bad news. The good news? Our prices are always great, so even when we’re not officially advertising a sale, you’ll always find we’re the cheapest around. The other good news is there’s still plenty, Read More

Like everyone else, we love Fridays here at Peter’s – but not because it’s the last working day of the week. We love working at Australia’s best department store! The reason we love Fridays so much is because it’s the day we announce our Friday Favourites. They’re the five new products that we think, Read More

Oh, hi Friday! It’s been way too long! If you’re looking for Friday Favourites, you’ve clicked on the right blog. In true Peter’s of Kensington fashion, we’ve selected five of our favourite new arrivals this week for you – just like we do every Friday. For the latest and greatest, our Friday Favourites post, Read More

There are so many great songs about Fridays. Like The Easybeats’ Friday on my Mind, The Cure’s early 90s classic, Friday I’m In Love…err, Friday by Rebecca Black… Okay, maybe not every song about Friday is a guaranteed hit. Yikes. But we can definitely promise you that our Friday Favourites are 100% excellent. Every Friday,, Read More

Fancy five fresh Friday Favourites? Fantastic! Every Friday on the Peter’s blog, we take a look at five new products we love. We can’t wait to introduce you to this week’s Friday Favourites. Let’s get straight into it…! Royal Doulton Rain Crystal Wine Glasses With the weather here in Sydney finally starting to get, Read More