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Excitement levels are at an all-time high here at Peter’s. Yes, Christmas is coming up, which is always our favourite time of the year. But this year, December is even more special…

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens will be hitting Australian cinemas on the 17th of December –  and, because we’re all a little on the nerdy side, we’re falling over ourselves with anticipation!


If you love Star Wars as much as we do (or you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the Star Wars fan in your life) this is definitely the blog post you’re looking for. Here are just a few of our favourite new Star Wars arrivals…

1. R2D2 Luggage

Whether you’re travelling across town or across the galaxy, there’s no way you’ll want to leave your home planet without our amazing new range of Star Wars hardside spinner cases. Choose from Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, or (our favourite!) R2D2. They’re got more storage space than the Millennium Falcon and they’re bound to turn heads when they appear on the luggage carousel at the airport!

2. Rebel Alliance Headphones

Made by SMS Audio, these high-performance headphones feature designs inspired by the Star Wars universe and boast sound quality that will let you experience all your favourite songs in a whole new way. Chances are, with these headphones on, even the Imperial March will make you feel like dancing…

giphy (6)

3. Star Wars Monopoly…and more!

What’s the next best thing to watching Star Wars? Playing games that make you feel like you’re a part of the Star Wars universe, of course! The latest edition of Star Wars Monopoly features characters and places from The Force Awakens, while Star Wars Risk puts you in control of a galactic army in the exciting final moments of Return of the Jedi. Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures is a two-player game that lets you fly your very own X-Wing or TIE Fighter on missions. Together, they’re hours of Star Wars fun!

giphy (7)

4. Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

Even nerds grow up. It’s true. For the grown up Star Wars fan who remains young at heart, our range of cufflinks makes the perfect gift. Our favourite? These Millennium Falcon cufflinks, of course! They’re ideal for special occasions, like parties, weddings…making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, that kind of thing.

5. Wind-Up Darth Vader Toy

Naww. Darth Vader looks so cute as a wind-up tin toy! Just turn the pin on the side of this rather adorable Sith Lord a few times and watch what happens. With other designs to choose from, you’re bound to find your favourite character. They make great stocking stuffers – perfect for a friendly Christmas day race!

giphy (5)

6. Stormtrooper Trolley Backpack

Watch out! There’s a Stormtrooper right behind you! Oh wait – that’s no Stormtrooper. It’s just a backpack! Phew! Suitable for kids, teenagers, adults – Star Wars fans of any age, this bag has enough space to park a Star Destroyer. It’s also got trolley wheels so you can wheel it along behind you, there are more designs available…and, best of all, it has adjustable straps so it’s comfortable for wannabe Stormtroopers of any size. Even short ones.


7. Death Star Socks

Death Star socks – just the thing for those days you could use a little Dark Side power on your side. With your Death Star socks on, the universe will tremble in fear. In fact, you could just imagine Darth Vader skidding around the Death Star wearing these soft socks. They’re available in a selection of cool designs and they’re made from a blend of cotton and eco-friendly bamboo – because you don’t really want to destroy the planet, right?

8. Royal Selangor C3PO Mug

Celebrate your love of Star Wars with these amazing carbonite mugs from Royal Selangor! Wait – did I say carbonite? Pewter! I meant pewter. Anyway – each mug features the face of one of your favourite Star Wars character. Also in Royal Selangor’s Star Wars range, you’ll find cufflinks, figurines and more. Take a look – we think you’ll like what you see. What’s your favourite, Han?


As if all these amazing Star Wars goodies aren’t enough, we’re also celebrating the release of The Force Awakens with three events, just for kids! First up, we’ll be hosting a special Star Wars Day (now fully booked! Sorry!) in our Demonstration Kitchen, complete with Hoth Cakes, Yoda Soda and more. Plus, for junior engineers, we’ve got a littleBits Star Wars Electronics session very soon – it’s going to be great! Finally, at our Dolce Trio Mini Cupcake Decorating Workshop, kids can decorate their own Star Wars or Frozen cupcakes. Click on any of the links, or click here to visit our Upcoming Events Page and find out more!

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