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Some people live for the summer, when they can spend all day lounging by the pool. Others can’t wait for winter to roll around so they can while away the hours rugged up by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book.

As for us…we’re a little different, because our favourite season of the year is autumn.

We love autumn because it combines the things we love most about summer and winter into the one, glorious season. During autumn, it’s not too cold to go out for a Sunday afternoon picnic in the park, and not too hot to spend the evening inside on the couch, watching old films. It’s the time of year when nature’s at its most splendid. The golden afternoon light, the orange and brown leaves on the footpath…the colours of autumn are enough to make us dizzy with delight!

In fact, we’re so obsessed with the rich reds, dappled golds and warm orange tones of autumn that we’ve selected some of our favourite products to help you add a touch of autumnal magic to every room of your home – and beyond. We’ve included a little bit of everything, from tall glass vases, textured woollen throw rugs and gleaming golden cutlery, as well as distinctive, rust coloured luggage, a lush silk scarf – and even a bright orange umbrella from Blunt that’ll have you singing in the autumn rain. Enjoy!

(And remember, if you find something you love, click on the image to head over to our website and find out more.)

What’s your favourite thing about autumn? Or do you prefer another season entirely? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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