Peter’s Friday Favourites

Oh, hi Friday! It’s been way too long!

If you’re looking for Friday Favourites, you’ve clicked on the right blog. In true Peter’s of Kensington fashion, we’ve selected five of our favourite new arrivals this week for you – just like we do every Friday. For the latest and greatest, our Friday Favourites post has you covered.

We’re as keen to get started as you are. Let’s take a look…


Cores de Terra Visitor SculptureCores da Terra Visitor Sculpture

We adore this warm, expressive ceramic statue. It’s the work of Belgian engineer and artist, Guido Deleu, and every one is made by hand in Brazil; crafted by hand by economically disadvantaged local craftspeople who are trained as artisans. This is art that not only makes a statement in your home, but it does a little good in the world. You’ll never want this Visitor to leave. Take a look at the range and find your favourite Visitor. Speaking for ourselves, we kinda love them all…


Cristal DArques Lady Diamond VaseCristal D’Arques Lady Diamond Vase

Cristal D’Arques is new to Peter’s of Kensington. It’s made in France and it looks exactly like crystal – but really, it’s top quality glass! We’re seriously impressed. If we had to pick just one favourite, we’d have to choose the Lady Diamond vase. Deep cuts intersect to form diamond shapes that were made to sparkle, turning even the dullest winter day into something special. Add flowers for an instant mid-winter mood boost.


Big Tomato Company Daily Grind MugBig Tomato Company Daily Grind Mug

Big what? No really – Big Tomato Company. It’s an English pottery with an eye for quirky design and distinctive dinnerware. According to company legend, no one at Big Tomato Company remembers the reason behind this distinctive name, but whatever the story, we’re sure it’s a good one. A huge new range of Big Tomato goodies has just arrived at Peter’s, and we’re really partial to this simple Daily Grind mug, from their After Dark collection. It’ perfect for your morning coffee before facing the day with a grin.


Kate Spade Zadie Drive BookendsKate Spade Zadie Drive Bookends

We know we’re always going on about how much we love the work of New York designer, Kate Spade. But we can’t help it. Just LOOK at these amazing bookends! Shaped like a pair of hands (and with a name that reminds us of one of our all-time favourite writers!) Kate’s Zadie Drive bookends will turn your books into a feature. Pretty and smart – there’s just too much to love about Kate Spade.


Wedgwood Blue Bird Dinner SetWedgwood Blue Bird Dinner Set

A new Wedgwood pattern is always a reason to celebrate. The thing is, Blue Bird isn’t exactly a new pattern, per se. It’s actually a reinterpretation of a design taken from Wedgwood’s archives, discovered in one of Wedgwood’s first pattern books dating back to the 18th century. All the more reason to celebrate! This elaborate, intricate pattern is a tranquil jumble of flowers, leaves, branches and birds, all rendered in delicate shades of blue against a crisp white background. Take a look at the dinner set, above – or click here for a look at the whole range. Prepare to swoon.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Favourites. Next week, we’ll take a close look at our Stocktake Sale, before it winds up! It’s your chance to grab a bargain. Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll see you then…

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