Peter’s Friday Favourites

Every week, hundreds of new products are added to the Peter’s of Kensington website. Sure, some take  a starring role in one of our Newsletters, or on the front page of our website. But other new products might not necessarily receive this attention – and it’s these products that our Friday Favourites posts are all about!

On Fridays on the Peter’s blog, we highlight five of favourite new arrivals. Think of these five products as your insider’s guide to some of the best and brightest new products here at Peter’s. It takes a lot to impress us, and these are the five products we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Here are this week’s Friday Favourites…

Kathy Tsaples Sweet Greek Life

Our first stop on this week’s edition of Friday Favourites? Kathy Tsaples latest book, Sweet Greek Life. Kathy’s a favourite of ours here at Peter’s…in fact, this year she’s been contributing recipes to our blog! Click or tap here to take a closer lookSweet Greek Life is packed full of delicious Greek recipes that are so authentic, you’ll want to smash your plate once you’ve finished eating.


Clifton Polka Dot Umbrella

Raindrops keep falling on your head? Not with Clifton’s Polka Dot Umbrella. This cute, spotty umbrella is made from clear PVC, decorated with a pattern of bright pink spots with a matching pink handle. Because it’s clear, you won’t feel like you’re hiding away when it rains…in fact, with one of these umbrellas on standby, you’ll find yourself hoping it rans more often! We’ve chosen pink, because it’s our favourite colour, but this umbrella is available in a heap of colours. Click here to find your favourite!

Fred Cheese Degrees Cheese Board

We’re always happy when new Fred products arrive at Peter’s. We love Fred for their irrepressible sense of humour and their determination to be a little bit different. Like this incredible wooden cheese board, for instance! If your guests are angling for one of your famous cheese platters, try this one. Its protractor design will take you straight back to Year Seven maths classes back in the day. Do kids these days still use protractors and compasses in high school maths classes? We don’t know. But one thing’s for sure – this is a very cool cheese board.


Silhouette d’Art Escher Birds Vase

Silhouette d’Art’s range of vases are famously decorated with some of the greatest works of art of all time – and this new vase is no exception. One look at its design of red and white birds, based on an original piece by the legendary Dutch artist and optical illusionist, MC Escher, and your heart will be all a-flutter. As for flowers, they’re entirely optional. This visually stunning vase speaks for itself.


Tissot Everytime Green and Rose Gold Watch

We’ve saved our most exciting arrival for the week until last! Tissot watches are new to Peter’s, and we’re already obsessed with their suave designs for men and women. You should definitely take a look at our entire range – but if we had to choose just one favourite, it’d definitely be the distinctive Everytime Green and Rose Gold Watch you see above – a totally on-trend colour combination we adore! Each Tissot watch is made in Switzerland to the most exact specifications, and there’s a design that’s perfect for everyone – and for every occasion.

That’s been our Friday Favourites for this week. We’ve got heaps of fun stuff planned for the blog next week! Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you then…

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