A massive thankyou to everyone who attended our cooking demonstration with Anna Polyviou as she crafted her famous ‘Loukou-My-Anna’ on Friday the 7th of July – We look forward to seeing you at our next in-store event.

There are pastry chefs – and then there’s Anna Polyviou. With her bleached-blonde mohawk and multiple piercings, she might not look like she’s worked in some of Australia’s most prestigious hotels, as well as Claridge’s in Mayfair, London…but she most certainly has! And that’s just the beginning of Anna’s stellar list of achievements. She’s, Read More

How many executive pastry chefs have their very own DJ? Chef Anna Polyviou certainly does! Today, Anna and Katherine (and Anna’s DJ!) took to our Demonstration Kitchen to make Anna’s award-winning Carrot Cake. It’s the most fun we’ve ever had in the Peter’s kitchen! While we put up our feet and take a rest (all, Read More