Don’t adjust your screen. There’s nothing wrong with your computer or phone – yes, this post is indeed in black and white. There’s nothing monotonous about monochrome. Black and white make a timeless, elegant combination that goes with anything. Separately or together, black and white never fail to impress. Dramatic, sophisticated – there’s nothing boring, Read More

Three cheers for the Queen! Our store might be closed today to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, but here on the Peter’s of Kensington blog, we thought we’d sit down with a cup of tea and a crumpet and share with you a few of our favourite English products. From Harry Potter to Hamlet,, Read More

What’s that? Over there! Could it possibly be…Friday? Yep. We’ve checked the calendars and consulted the stars: it’s definitely Friday! And it’s not just any boring old garden variety Friday, either – it’s the Friday before a long weekend! The best kind of Friday! Our Kensington store and Alexandria Warehouse will be closed on, Read More

Wooop, wooooop. RED ALERT! It’s Friday Favourites time! What’s this Friday Favourites business all about…and why are we so excited? Here’s the deal. Every week, we add hundreds of new products to our website. So, on Fridays, we sit down and choose just five to feature. They’re the things we think are too good to miss, Read More

Yep. It’s Friday. Time for us to fill you in on this week’s Friday Favourites!  If you’re new to the Peter’s Blog, here’s the deal. Every Friday here in the Web Department at Peter’s, we have a think about all the new products that have arrived during the week and select our five favourites, Read More

Yeah, sure – you could have a ladle for serving soup that’s designed in Denmark and boasts sleek lines and a shiny polished steel finish. Or you could have one that’s shaped like the Loch Ness Monster. Your choice. You could make ordinary round cookies, or cookies shaped like little ninjas! You could store your, Read More

Anyone who’s been following the Peter’s blog for a while now might have guessed by now that we’ve got a bit of a crush on all things retro. We’ve been itching to share our love of vintage style with you for so long…finally, we can’t resist it any longer! For our latest Now Trending post, we’ve, Read More

Whether it’s glittery gold, sparkling silver or maybe even classic copper, we simply can’t resist shiny things! When it comes to design, there’s nothing like a touch of shine to capture the eye. Metallic tones are absolutely ideal when it comes to adding a little instant gleam to any room or table setting – not to mention one of, Read More