Kormos me Sokolata, Loukoumi ke Halva (Celebration Chocolate Log) We asked Kathy for a recipe that would be perfect for Easter. Naturally, she didn’t didn’t disappoint… Prep 1 hour, plus overnight Serves 10–12   Ingredients: 125g dark chocolate 125g milk chocolate 90g butter 150g caster sugar 3 eggs 1½ tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened) 1, Read More

Yemista Kremmithia me Crema (Stuffed Onions with White Sauce) Autumn is a time for indulging in comfort food – and Kathy Tsaples’ mouthwatering Stuffed Onions with White Sauce is just that!. This succulent Greek dish is the ideal way to warm up when the weather cools down. Prep 1 hour, Cook 1 hour – Serves 4–6, Read More

Every week, hundreds of new products are added to the Peter’s of Kensington website. Sure, some take  a starring role in one of our Newsletters, or on the front page of our website. But other new products might not necessarily receive this attention – and it’s these products that our Friday Favourites posts are, Read More

Panna Cotta me Meli ke Masticha (Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Masticha Chios and Honey) What better way to let someone know you care this Valentine’s Day than with Kathy Tsaples’ heavenly Panna Cotta? This is our second recipe from Sweet Greek’s Kathy Tsaples, and it’s 100% guaranteed to impress. We promise. Prep 45 minutes,, Read More

Arnisia Payithakia (Lamb Cutlets) Bring the flavours of Greek cuisine to the barbecue this Australia Day! This recipe from Sweet Greek’s Kathy Tsaples is quick, easy – and so delicious, you’ll be left wanting more… Prep 20 minutes – Cook 10 minutes – Serves 4 Ingredients 12 lamb cutlets, well-trimmed (buy the best lamb, Read More

On Saturday, we were lucky enough to have Kathy Tsaples – the powerhouse behind Melbourne produce store and meeting point, Sweet Greek come and cook for us! Kathy’s latest cookbook, Sweet Greek Life, is loaded with simple, delicious Greek recipes that everyone can make and enjoy, and at Saturday’s event, Kathy inspired us with, Read More