Tefal Cuisine Companion Demonstration this Saturday

The Tefal Cuisine Companion is the next best thing to having your own personal chef at your disposal around the clock.

Whether you’re craving chicken soup, or you’re in the mood for a triple choc muffin…or two, the Cuisine Companion can help. In fact, it Tefal Cuisine Companiondoes more than just help – it cooks, chops, mixes, steams and more for you! All you have to do is pop the ingredients in, choose the right settings and wait while the Cuisine Companion does its thing.

The Tefal Cuisine Companion makes everything about cooking easy. Curious? Come to Peter’s on Saturday July 23 and watch the Cuisine Companion in action!

Between 12pm and 4pm, you’ll have the chance to find out just what this smart machine can do for your kitchen. Ask questions, take a closer look…if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even be able to have a taste test? There’s no need to RSVP – just drop in to our Cookware Department and say hi!

We hope to see you at Peter’s this weekend. If you’re visiting for the first time, click or tap here to find out more about us.

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