Ten things we love about… Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Pacific Dinner SetHere at Peter’s, we’re really passionate about the products we sell – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our new Ten Things We Love About series gives us the chance to take an up-close look at some of our biggest names…


For this edition of Ten Things We Love About, we’re profiling one of our all-time favourite brands – and one of our most famous brands, for that matter – Royal Doulton!

Makers of some of the most beautiful, treasured and popular dinnerware in the world, Royal Doulton can trace its heritage all the way back to 1815. But just because Royal Doulton has been around for just over two hundred years, that doesn’t mean their designs are stuck in the past…

From the traditional to the modern, Royal Doulton dinnerware has something for every table, and every occasion. And, of course, there’s so much more to Royal Doulton than just dinnerware. Let us explain…

pacific_ls_16Ten things we love about… Royal Doulton


Let’s go back to the start…

As we mentioned above, Royal Doulton was founded in 1815, so in 2015, to mark their two hundredth birthday, Royal Doulton released the 1815 collection. 1815 is a timeless range of dinnerware essentials with a dip-dyed pattern that’s as simple as it is sophisticated. 1815 is colourful, it’s classic and it’s perfect for any occasion. Pretty hip for a two-hundred-year-old, we think!

London calling

You wouldn’t think England’s most famous manufacturer of dinnerware would have much in common with a cult London-based textiles designer, but Royal Doulton and Charlene Mullen’s partnership is one we hope never ends. Charlene and Royal Doulton’s London Calling series is a love letter to London itself. Then, there’s the Geometrics collection – a modern retro masterpiece that’s quickly become a Peter’s of Kensington favourite.


Snack to the future

We told you Royal Doulton could be modern – but what we left out was that it can be positively futuristic too! Take Royal Doulton’s range of dinnerware created in conjunction with London-based industrial design studio, Barber and Osgerby, for instance. With their clean lines and straightforward design, these plates, bowls, mugs and more look like something you might find on a space station. It’s a good thing they’re perfectly at home here on Earth too.

Dinnerware you’ll swear by

One of the best things about Royal Doulton? They choose the best people to work with. Like Gordon Ramsay, for instance – chef, restauranteur and host of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon has been working with Royal Doulton for years now, creating inspired dinnerware that will have you feeling like you’re dining in one of Gordon’s restaurants every evening. Take a look at the classic Maze collection, or the new Bread Street range. It’s dinnerware that deserves a few Michelin stars of its own…


Signature style

Of course, if traditional style is more your thing, Royal Doulton have you covered. Take a look at Signature – a range of showstopping, classic white fine bone china dinnerware with elegant platinum trim. It’s everything you’d expect from the name Royal Doulton.

Express yourself

This post wasn’t meant to be a list of our favourite Royal Doulton designs…but with so many breathtaking patterns to choose from, we can’t help but rave. Another of our favourites is Fable. This Scandinavian-influenced design is the work of London illustrator, Karolin Schnoor, and it turns every meal into a story. We also love Royal Doulton’s HemingwayDesign range – an irresistibly vintage-inspired collection that includes not only tableware, but vases, tealight candle holders and more. There’s also the new Donna Hay collection. Look, we could go on for days about our favourite Royal Doulton designs and designers. As you can see, when we said in our introduction that there’s a Royal Doulton design for every table, we really meant it!


Everything your table needs – and more

Of course, there’s more to Royal Doulton than just tableware. You’ll also find they also make gorgeous glassware and cut crystal. Add some Royal Doulton cutlery, and you’ve got a complete Royal Doulton table setting. Moving beyond the table, Royal Doulton’s range of giftware includes everything from vases to candles and fragrance diffusers and even fun new mugs designed by the one and only Ellen DeGeneres!

Hey, pretty lady!

There’s one thing we’re forgetting. We’ve already mentioned that Royal Doulton make some of the most beautiful dinnerware in the world…but what we haven’t mentioned is Royal Doulton’s equally beautiful figurines. Collectors all over the world treasure Royal Doulton figurines for their elegance, and the sheer craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating every one. The best place to start is probably Royal Doulton’s classic Pretty Ladies collection. Each figurine depicts an elegant, graceful woman in a stunning gown, dressed for a ball. It’s a world of glamour and eternal youth that’s almost impossible to resist…

Putting the Royal into Royal Doulton

The other thing Royal Doulton do really well? Royal Family-themed figurines and more, of course. It’s no secret the Royals love Royal Doulton. It’s a relationship that goes all the way back to 1901, when King Edward VII bestowed a royal warrant on the company, allowing them to use the name Royal Doulton (before this, the company was known as Doulton & Co.). These figurines really are fit for a Queen…

bunnykins_silver_ls_4Hop to it!

Of course, there’s one more reason everyone knows and loves Royal Doulton – and that’s the Bunnykins family. These irrepressible rabbits have a long history of their own. In fact, they’ve been appearing on children’s dinnerware, giftware and more since 1934. The Bunnykins range has been a classic gift for newborns and children for generations now, and it’s a tradition we’d love to see continue for many more generations. Besides, how can you resist these adorable little bunnies?

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