Ten things we love about… Scanpan Classic Cookware

For the first post in our new Ten Things We Love About series, we took a look at one of our favourite products of all time – the KitchenAid KSM Mixer. This time around, we’re going to tell you about another kitchen classic: Scanpan Classic cookware!

There’s so much to love about Scanpan Classic, but we managed…eventually…to narrow what we love most about this amazing cookware down to just ten points…


Ten things we love about Scanpan Classic cookware

Say “ja” to Danish quality

Established in 1956, Scanpan is a proudly Danish company – the  name Scanpan is actually short for Scandinavian Pans. Scanpan’s Classic range is their oldest range, and it’s made at Scanpan’s factory in Denmark. When you buy Scanpan Classic cookware, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Classic Danish design

As well as being made in Denmark, Scanpan Classic Cookware is also designed in Denmark – a country renowned for its design expertise. The result? Uncomplicated, timeless style that’s perfect for any kitchen. Sure, there are other, fancier-looking cookware collections around, but will they still look as good in five, or even ten years’ time as they do today? We don’t think so. Scanpan called this range “Classic” for a good reason.

blog-post-scanpan-classic-3Stuck on you

Pretty much every piece of Scanpan Classic cookware boasts Scanpan’s famous ceramic titanium non-stick surface. It’s created by firing a liquid mixture of ceramic and titanium into each superheated pan at the speed of sound. Twice. The result is a double non-stick surface that’s tougher than many non-stick surfaces and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Can you handle it?

Scanpan Classic features bakelite handles that are made to stay cool under pressure. They’re also oven safe to 260°C! Thanks to its smart, ergonomically designed handles, Scanpan Classic is comfortable to use – even for long periods of time. Plus, unlike a lot of cookware that uses screws or rivets to keep its handles in place (and invariably results in food getting caught in the screw or rivet, making frypans difficult to clean) Scanpan Classic’s handles are connected to the body of the cookware without screws or rivets. It’s more hygienic, and prevents the handle from coming loose.

blog-post-scanpan-classic-2It’s all about the base

Most pieces from the Scanpan Classic collection are made from pressure-cast aluminium. Molten aluminium is poured into a mould – the two halves of which are pressed together under a whopping 250 tons of pressure. Add that to an extra-thick base that’s made to suck up heat and distribute it evenly and efficiently and you’ve got some of the cleverest cookware around…

Cooking with (less) gas

The base of Scanpan cookware is so good, you can turn the heat down a little. Scanpan Classic cookware performs best when it’s used with low to medium heat. This saves you energy, which in turn, saves you money!

blog-post-scanpan-classic-5Take it easy

Scanpan Classic, like most non-stick cookware, isn’t dishwasher safe. But that’s no problem, because with its non-stick surface, cleaning up your Scanpan Classic cookware is seriously easy. Plus, here’s an extra tip: once you’ve washed and dried your Scanpan Cookware, rub the surface of your cookware with a little oil. That’ll help your cookware maintain its non-stick properties even longer.


If you’ve ever heard that you should avoid non-stick surfaces because they contain harsh chemicals – namely perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA for short – that can be harmful when cookware is heated to high temperatures, there’s no need to worry. All Scanpan non-stick cookware is 100% free of PFOAs. Which brings us to our next point…

blog-post-scanpan-classic-4It’s good to be green

For every kilogram of aluminium taken from the earth, 85 kilos of waste is created. That’s why all Scanpan Classic cookware is made from 100% recycled aluminium. It’s much less wasteful, which is good news for the environment.

It’s only the beginning..

If you think Scanpan’s Classic range just includes cookware, wait until you find out about Scanpan Classic knives! It’s the perfect way to complete the Scanpan Classic look.

Want to take a look at our selection of Scanpan Classic cookware? Click or tap here. If you’ve got any questions about Scanpan Classic – or any of our brands, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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