The Power of Scent – An Inside Look at Ecoya.

Founded and nurtured in Sydney’s scenic Botany Bay, Ecoya refine the raw beauty of their natural surrounds and distill it into incredible sensory experiences. Guided by leading perfumers and fragrance experts, Ecoya’s diverse collection of original scents will take you on an adventure through emotion, memory and time.

If you’re a lover of all things fruity, it’s hard to resist the tropical notes of Coconut & Elderflower – or if you’re after a creamier, traditional fragrance, French Pear is a must-have. Perhaps your tastes are more suited to the Oriental tinge of Spiced Ginger & Musk, or maybe you’re looking to fill your living space with the earthy tones of Cedarwood & Leather.

Ecoya is perhaps best known for their vast collection of lush Scented Candles. Fusing luxury with a deep respect for nature, each candle is derived from soy wax, a natural alternative that produces about a tenth of the soot produced by traditional paraffin candles and is free from any toxic chemicals.

Or maybe your tastes are more suited to the slow-burning release of Ecoya’s Fragrance Diffusers. These diffusers are an incredibly easy way to create a relaxing aura in your home – just pop the bamboo reeds inside the fragrance oil bottle and allow the heavenly scent to fill your home.

Ecoya have extended their love of nature to their comprehensive range of bodycare products. Combining their expertly-crafted aromas with natural ingredients including almond oil, macadamia oil and Vitamin E, all of Ecoya’s skincare items are free from parabens and artificial colours, leaving your skin delicately scented.

Lather and indulge with the Sweet Pea & Jasmine Hand & Body Wash, hydrate the skin with the Lotus Flower Hand & Body Lotion, or soothe weary hands with the Guava & Lychee Sorbet Hand Cream.

Whatever your personal tastes, there’s an Ecoya fragrance for everyone. Be sure to explore our full range of Ecoya candles, diffusers, skincare products right here.




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