7 things to look forward to this Autumn

Sure, summer’s been great…but for a while now, we’ve secretly been longing for the cooler weather to kick in. After all, there are only so many thirty degree days we can take. Phew. And our autumn wardrobes are calling out to us – hello again, ankle boots! Oh, how we’ve missed you…

Because today’s the last day of summer, we’ve been daydreaming about all the things we’re looking forward to this autumn. Here are our top seven…

1. Wrapping yourself up

Throw rugs look great all year around, just draped over the couch or the end of your bed – but it’s in autumn that you’ll probably find your throw rug really useful. While you’re getting comfortable on the couch, make sure you’ve got a couple of soft cushions to rest on…and maybe even take a nap?

Our picks…

St. Albans Santorini Throw Rug. Designed in Australia and made from pure mohair pile. Kate and Kate’s Tammy Blue Mirage Throw Rug. It’s made from lightweight cotton and perfect for the warmer months. Otto and Spike Mizzle Cushion. Comfy cushion, funky design – and a soft, woollen texture. It’s everything a cushion should be.


2. Cooking hearty casseroles

Yep. It’s time to get the oven going again and cook some of your most comforting recipes – and for that, you’ll need some top quality cookware. Also perfect for the Autumn months? Hearty, slow-cooked meals. Sure, summer salads are great…but we can’t wait to tuck into piping hot, succulent stews. We’re salivating just thinking about it.

Our picks…

Le Creuset Coastal Blue Round French Oven. It’s made for cooking big, succulent meals and it’s a relaxing shade of cool blue. Chasseur’s White Low Casserole Pot. This cast iron pot loves a good casserole as much as you do. Breville Fast Slow Pro Multicooker. It does all the work for you and can cook meals in a hurry or really slowly. Not bad!


3. Endless cups of tea

ENDLESS. We don’t know about you, but we tend to forget about hot drinks in Summer. But with the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time to rekindle your love of tea….and we’ve got the perfect suggestions to help you along the way. Although if you’re more of a coffee mug person, you might want to check out our recent post.

Our picks…

Jars Tourron Green Tea Set. Totally stylish – and it’s made by hand in France. KitchenAid Glass Tea Kettle. A kettle made just for tea lovers! It’s about time… Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Tea Set. It’s impossible to resist this delicate, intricate pattern – and with two mugs in the set, it’s just the thing for catching up with a friend.

4. Staying in bed

Well, why not? Sleeping in during summer isn’t too appealing…but once the weather gets a little cooler, you’ll find yourself tempted to hit snooze a few extra times. As for weekends – you could just stay in bed until Monday morning. Especially with bedding this comfortable.

Our picks…

Snurk Twirre Quilt Cover. This photorealistic design looks exactly like it’s made from wool. Lexington Sateen Quilt Cover. It’s lightweight and soft – and then, there’s its intricate, retro-inspired design. Wonderfill Merino Wool Quilt. Made from 100% Australian Merino wool, this quilt will keep you toasty and warm when the weather gets cold.


5. Getting your bake on!

Now autumn’s just around the corner, spending the afternoon in your kitchen with the oven on high, making cakes, biscuits, muffins and more has never been so appealing!

Our picks…

Smeg Fifties Retro Style Mixer. Let this impressive, retro-look mixer take a starring role on your kitchen bench. If you like what you see, take a look at the rest of the range here. Baker’s Secret Fluted Cake Pan. Create fun, round cakes that look really impressive and will have guests begging for more. Denby Heritage Mixing Bowl. Mix things up in old-fashioned style!

6. A nice, warm bath

Baths are no fun in summer. Unless it’s a cold bath. And there’s nothing relaxing about a freezing cold bath – even when it is a squillion degrees. As for warm baths, however…now that’s an entirely different story! They’ll warm you up – and calm you down – all at once.

Our picks…

Brogo Luxe Supersoft Robe. This oh, so fluffy robe is just as super and soft as its name implies. Portofino Collection Towel Set. The only thing better than a long, relaxing bath is wrapping yourself up with a fluffy towel afterwards…and these towels are perfect for just that! Crabtree and Evelyn Pomegranate Bath and Shower Gel. The zesty, revitalising scent of pomegranate, argan and grapeseed will have you feeling revitalised in no time!

7. Getting comfy

Summer’s too hot. Winter’s too cold. The best thing about autumn is that it’s juuuust right! Whether you’re staying home or heading out, we can help you accessorise for the occasion. You’ll stay warm, feel comfortable – and look great, all autumn long. If only autumn lasted longer…

Our picks…

Alperstein Murdie Morris Scarf. It’s made from silk, so it’s perfect for autumn – and how about those stunning autumnal tones? Hello! AT Slouchy Slippers. So incredibly comfortable. The fleecy interior keeps your feet toasty warm. Solmate Summer Socks. These non-matching, personality-packed socks are made in America, and are so much fun!

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