I See Red!

Red is a colour that can’t help but stir up strong feelings. It’s the colour of passion; the colour we see when we get angry…and when we fall in love. There’s something about red that makes us sit up and pay attention – like when we see a red traffic light, a fire engine or a red stop sign.

Decorating your home with shades of red isn’t for the faint of heart. Red is a bold, dramatic colour, but it can be overwhelming in large doses. So rather than painting your walls red, put down the paint roller and consider decorating your home with splashes of red instead! In fact, a pop of red is sometimes just what it takes to add a whole new sense of energy to a tired room.

We’ve selected thirty of our favourite red products for your table, your bedroom, your kitchen – and your whole life. If you spot something you like, just click or tap the image to head over to our website and find out more.

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