Now Trending: Coastal Calm

Don’t daydream about living by the sea a moment longer. For the latest post in our Now Trending series, we’ll show you how to fill your home with a relaxed, beachy vibe that will leave you feeling like you’re staying in a beachside cabin, no matter where you live.

From Donna Hay’s stunning new Coastal collection for Royal Doulton to Le Creuset’s classic Coastal Blue French Ovens, and even a summery Ecoya scented candle inspired by the ocean, there’s something here for every room of your home.

Of course, there’s plenty of blue – like the sea spray-inspired blue-green of Hamam’s Pera towels, the brilliant blue of Villeroy and Boch’s eye-catching Numa vase and the irresistible creamy blue of Silit’s Blue Cookware Set. Just as the ocean has moods and nuances, so should your decor. But filling your home with beautifully beachy style isn’t just about shades of blue and white of course, which is why we’ve also included hints of soft sandy brown, cloudy grey hues and even a little leafy green here and there.

Just as important as colour choice when it comes to achieving that perfectly laidback feel  is texture. Natural finishes are the key, and our woven baskets, bamboo lanterns and cosy cotton throw rugs are just what you’re looking for to complete the look.

There you have it – everything you need to turn your home into a beach cottage! We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling calmer already…

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