Now Trending: Metallics

Whether it’s glittery gold, sparkling silver or maybe even classic copper, we simply can’t resist shiny things!

When it comes to design, there’s nothing like a touch of shine to capture the eye. Metallic tones are absolutely ideal when it comes to adding a little instant gleam to any room or table setting – not to mention one of the hottest trends in interior design right at the moment!

If you’re just as captivated by all things shiny as we are, read on, because we’ve profiled some of our loveliest, lustrous favourites to share with you!

1. Zuny Hippo Bookend

This adorable Hippo Bookend is weighted with iron sand pellets, so he’s rather a heavy fellow. Some of his favourite hobbies include keeping books upright, holding doors open for you and just hanging around your home looking adorable. He’s made by hand from matte chrome finish faux leather and will be loved by kids and adults alike.

2. Bodum Chambord Copper Coffee Plunger

The Chambord French Press is a bit of a Bodum classic. In fact, its elegant design is the most tasteful thing to come out of the Eighties. This year, Bodum’s designers have updated the Chambord French Press as well as some of their other all-time classic products with irresistibly shiny copper finishes. Click here to take a look at the rest of the range.

3. Avalon Pagoda Lantern

This shiny gold-look lantern looks simply lovely during the day, but wait until night falls and light a tealight candle inside. That’s when the magic really happens…

4. Areaware Coiled Rope Vase

You’ll knot find a more distinctive vase than Areaware’s Coiled Rope Vase. Made in America, this vase is just as eye-catching when it’s filled with flowers as it is without.

5 . KitchenAid Antique Copper Stand Mixer

Don’t let the kitchen miss out on a little metallic magnificence! The classic KitchenAid is one of our most popular products. Choosing just one favourite colour would be next to impossible, but if we had to, this shiny retro-look shade of copper would definitely be one of them.

6. Nambe Beaded Gold Frame

Make sure your memories stay gold, with this showstopping gold plated frame. Dotted with a pattern of beads, all this frame needs is one of your favourite photos and it’ll take pride of place in your home.

7. DeLonghi Pixie Nespresso Machine

If you’re as obsessed with coffee as you are with amazing design, take a look at the Nespresso Pixie. Not only does this amazing machine look great – it’s also really easy to use. It makes perfect coffee every time at the touch of a button…just like all our Nespresso machines! Click here to see the range – and make sure you take a look at Nespresso’s latest Cash Back offer, available on all Nespresso machines until January 10, 2016!

8. Kosta Boda Basket Copper Bowl

Designed in Sweden by Anna Ehrner, one of Kosta Boda’s most talented glass artists, the Basket range is a new take on a tradition that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. This copper-coloured glass bowl is the perfect table centrepiece.

9. Cristina Re Celeste Mug

Designed in Australia and decorated with genuine 24-karat gold in a distinctive chevron pattern, this mug is just the thing to add a touch of elegance to your next tea break.

10. Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer

Say hello to a design classic. It might look like something from War of the Worlds, but this Alessi design masterpiece isn’t just a work of art – pop an orange or lemon on top, something to collect the juice below and squeeze away!

11. Robert Gordon Copper Basket

Storage made stylish! This Copper Basket from Australia’s own Robert Gordon is perfect for storage in your bathroom, lounge room, study…pretty much anywhere in your house! Even better – it’s also part of a larger range of co-ordinating pieces for your desk, your kitchen, your laundry…pretty much every room of the house! Click here to take a look.

If you’ve got an interior design trend you’d like to see us take on, let us know in the comments!

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