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giphy (19)Fridays are the best day of the week in the Peter’s web department. It’s the day we sit down to discuss all the cool new things that we’ve put on the website for you during the week and eventually work out which five we’re going to choose as our Friday Favourites!

Every week, we choose our top five new arrivals to share with you. Why? Because products this good are WAY too good to risk missing out on! If you only look at five things on our website all week, make sure they’re these ones!

This Friday, we have some real treats in store. Like the smartest coffee machine ever, for instance. And some really adorable mugs from Robert Gordon. Enjoy!

Kenwood Chef Sense Mixer

Kenwood Chef Sense Kitchen Machines

Wouldn’t you know it? Yesterday, we published a post with some of our favourite retro-inspired products. Then today, as luck would have it, these vintage vixens turn up. Talk about ironic…but anyway – if you’re as obsessed with all things retro as we are, you’re going to adore the new Chef Sense Kitchen Machine. This marvellous mixer looks adorable in a range of colours inspired by decades past. But don’t let its looks fool you. It’s as powerful as it is pretty, with a 1100-watt motor, six speeds and a pulse setting, plus Kenwood’s amazing k-shaped beater, designed to reach every area of the bowl for perfect mixing, every time. Oh, and one more thing. For a limited time only, the Kenwood Chef Sense Kitchen Machine includes a bonus food processor attachment, courtesy of Kenwood!

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee MachineDeLonghi Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine

The new Nespresso Prodigio connects to your smartphone so you can get your coffee machine going from the comfort of your bed so there’s a freshly-brewed cuppa awaiting you when you get up. The future of coffee is here, and we already love it!  Also in Nespresso news, when you purchase any Nespresso machine between now and Sunday May 15, you’ll be eligible to receive up to $70 cash back from Nespresso. Click here to take a look at our range and find out more.

Alessi Michael Graves Tea Rex KettleAlessi Tea Rex Kettle

Designed by architect Michael Graves in 1985, the Michael Graves Kettle has become a design classic – and quite possibly one of the only stylish things to come out of the Eighties! Perhaps the most eyecatching thing about this distinctive kettle it its bird-shaped whistle, which whistles to let you know when your water’s boiling, just like your Grandma’s kettle used to. To celebrate the Michael Graves Kettle’s thirtieth birthday, Alessi’s designers have reimagined this iconic kettle in two new colours…and with a dragon-shaped whistle instead of a bird! It’s called the Tea Rex Kettle, and we think it’s a roaringly clever design.

Play Pouch Toy Storage Pouch

Play Pouch Toy Storage Pouch

Talking of clever, this genius invention is the work of Kate and Kate – two superhero Australian mums saving the world from standing on stray Lego bricks in the middle of the night. Future Australians of the Year? We think so. The Play Pouch is so simple – just unfurl the pouch on the floor (it might look small in the picture above, but it’s a whopping 140cm in diameter when it’s open!) and it creates a space for your child to play with their Lego, building blocks, toy cars and more. Then, when playtime’s over, simply pull the drawstring and all your child’s toys will be safe and out of the way inside the pouch, ready for next time. Brilliant! We really like the dotty one pictured above, but there’s a heap of colours to choose from. Click here to take a look at the whole range.

Robert Gordon Hug Me MugRobert Gordon Hug Me Mug Set

Talking of spots, we’ve gone completely dotty over Robert Gordon’s classic Hug Me mugs. And it looks like we’re not the only ones – when we first got these adorable mugs in late last year, they sold old faster than you could say “omg want!!!”. The good news? Now they’re back – and with a cute new black and gold spot design, there’s even more to love about Robert Gordon’s Hug Me Mugs. Want to see the whole range? No problem. Here they are!

This time next week, it’ll be Good Friday! Don’t worry – we’ll still be posting our Friday Favourites. Who knows what we’ll have for you next week? We certainly don’t! We’ll see you then…

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