Peter’s Friday Favourites

Fancy five fresh Friday Favourites? Fantastic!

Every Friday here in the Peter’s of Kensington web department, we sit down to take a look at all of the new products we’ve added to the site during the week and choose our five favourites. They’re the things we think are too good to miss – whether it’s because they’re from one of our top brands, or they’re too pretty for us to resist…or they’re just a brilliant idea (and we kinda wish we’d thought of ourselves). Our Friday Favourites are the products that have impressed us the most, we hope you have as much fun reading about them as we enjoy finding them for you every week.

Anyway. Now the introductions are over, let’s get on with things…


Blunt Metro Umbrella

Blunt XS Metro Tile Umbrella

Invented in New Zealand, Blunt Umbrellas might be more expensive than your average umbrella, but that’s because these umbrellas are built to last a lifetime, not just a week. In an effort to combat throwaway culture, Blunt’s designers have come up with a collection of umbrellas that are designed to cope with anything. Seriously. They’ve been tested in some of New Zealand’s windiest, rainiest places and come out triumphant. The new XS Metro Tile Umbrella has a smaller profile, designed for city life, and includes a clever tile you can attach to your umbrella so you can use your smartphone to track it down if you should ever leave it behind. Could this be the smartest umbrella ever? We think so…


Le Creuset Rainbow Mug Sets

Le Creuset Rainbow Mug Set

Everyone loves Le Creuset French Ovens…but did you know Le Creuset also make a range of stoneware table accessories, too? And, just like Le Creuset cookware, it’s available in a selection of glossy colours. Most people just choose their favourite colour and co-ordinate their kitchen and dining table…but with this distinctive set of Le Creuset mugs, there’s no need to settle for just one colour! We think you’ll love this colouriffic mug set just as much as Le Creuset French Ovens. We certainly do!


Kate Spade Jewellery Box

Kate Spade Garden Drive Jewellery Box

This adorable polka dot jewellery box is the perfect size – and with a gold bow on the front, it’s irresistibly cute, too. Whether you fill it up with all your finest necklaces, rings and more, or keep it on your bedside table as a place to keep the jewellery you wear every day, it’ll brighten up your room…and maybe even your day, too! If you’re not thrilled by polka dots, never fear. There’s an whole range of different colours and designs – you’re bound to find one that’s perfect!


Lexon Glow Wall Clock

Lexon Glow White Wall Clock

There’s always time for style, with this simple, sophisticated wall clock. If you think white on white might be hard to read, think again. The underside of each of the Glow Clock’s hands is a bright shade of fluoro orange, which makes it look like it’s glowing! Designed in France, the Glow clock somehow manages the impossible. It’s minimalist design that’s completely impossible not to notice. In fact, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from it. It’s available in other colours too – make sure you take a look.


St Albans Throw Rug

St Albans Mohair Throw Rugs

There are so many good things about autumn, but the thing we love most about autumn here at Peter’s would have to be receiving a new shipment of St Albans Throw Rugs. Every year, St Albans release a beautiful new collection of patterns and colours. Each St Albans throw rug is made in Australia from pure mohair pile, and they’re warm enough to keep you company through even the coldest winter – and look great at the same time!

Thanks for reading our Friday Favourites! We’ll see you back here next Friday with another edition…

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