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What’s that? Over there! Could it possibly be…Friday?

Yep. We’ve checked the calendars and consulted the stars: it’s definitely Friday! And it’s not just any boring old garden variety Friday, either – it’s the Friday before a long weekend! The best kind of Friday!

Our Kensington store and Alexandria Warehouse will be closed on Monday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, but if you’re in the mood for a little online shopping, we’ve got you covered.

Now, back to this whole Friday thing. Every Friday here on the Peter’s blog, we celebrate the end of the week by showcasing five of our favourite new products. We have hundreds of cool new arrivals every week, but these are our five favourites – the things we wouldn’t want you to miss.

There are so many things we wanted to show you this week, but after hours of discussion, we’ve managed to narrow this week’s Friday Favourites down to just five amazing products. Here they are…


Jeff Leatham Visionary Art and DesignJeff Leatham Visionary Art and Design

Jeff Leatham is the world’s most famous florist. His big, bold designs are found in all the finest hotels and homes. Celebrities (including the Kardashians!) have Jeff’s number on speed dial. Here at Peter’s, we’re big fans of Jeff Leatham. In fact, he came to our store last year to show off some of his incredible floral artistry. Now Jeff’s new book is out and we’re so excited. Filled with glossy photographs, it’s a celebration of all things floral and fabulous.


Kosta Boda OrganixKosta Boda Organix Bowl

For design that makes a splash, look no further than Sweden’s Kosta Boda. It’s really no wonder they’re the considered the masters when it comes to glass. Inspired by the changing seasons, this bowl is the work of Kosta Boda’s Anna Ehrner. Dark blue waves combine with a lighter base to create a stunning display piece that’s bound to capture the attention of guests the moment they enter the room. Not to mention many, many jealous glances…


KitchenAid ToasterKitchenAid Toaster

Retro good looks, timeless style, top-quality construction and brilliant functionality…there’s so much to love about KitchenAid appliances, and naturally, this toaster is no exception. It’s loaded with smart features that’ll make breakfast your favourite meal of the day. And it’s made from metal, which means it’ll stick around for years. With design this good, that’s no problem.


Areaware Blockitecture City SetAreaware Blockitecture Garden City Set

Who said building blocks were just for kids? Designed by James Pailius, this set of twenty blocks is designed for kids and adults alike. Use them to build your own elaborate towers, complete with cantilevered gardens and let your inner architect run wild. With no rain delays, no hassles with German-made, triple-glazed windows and no expensive budget blowouts, it’s just like being on Grand Designs – except even more fun!


Lego Lunch BoxLego Lunchbox

Talking of things that both adults and kids find irresistible, say hello to the new-look Lego Lunchbox. It’s got heaps of room inside, and looks just like a big Lego brick with a carry handle. We think it’ll make lunch time 100% more awesome.

Thanks for reading our Friday Favourites. We hope you found something you love. There’s plenty happening on the blog next week, but in the meantime, enjoy your long weekend!

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