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Cushions not only make your couch look so much more inviting, they’re also perfect for getting comfortable with as you chat after dinner on a Friday night, resting your laptop on while you catch up with emails…and of course, for throwing at your family members when they least expect it. Usually right in the creepiest parts of scary movies.

New cushions are just the thing to give your couch, not to mention your whole lounge room, a whole new look. Need a bit of help deciding? No problem. We’ve selected ten of our favourites…

1. Snurk Twirre Cushion

Snurk is a Dutch company who make photorealistic bedding that has to be seen to be believed. Seriously, their kids quilt covers are some of our favourite products ever. Snurk’s Twirre cushions are also pretty fantastic. They look like they’ve been knitted from a giant ball of wool, but they’re really made from soft velour. Talk about cosy…

2. OneKind Denim Roundie Cushion

Whoever said “its hip to be square” obviously hasn’t ever laid eyes on OneKind’s cute Denim Roundie Cushion. Made from denim, with a bright yellow button right in the centre, this round cushion is ideal for your favourite armchair…and best of all, it’s designed right here in Australia!

3. Maison Octopus Cushion

Because putting a real octopus on your couch would be silly (after all, where would it put all those arms and legs?) this Octopus Cushion from Maison is the next best thing. Take a close look and you’ll see this inky blue octopus is decorated with tiny glass beads that sparkle in the light. This amazing linen and cotton cushion will have you feel like your lounge room is a serene bubble at the bottom of the ocean.

4. Linen and Moore Todd Amber Cushion

If your décor’s looking a little dowdy, invite Todd over. This Eastern-inspired print in a bold shade of orange is just the thing to add a little spice to your life. And your couch. Best of all? There’s a matching throw rug available. From Australia’s own Linen and Moore, Todd will take your sofa from yawn to ‘yay!’ in a matter of seconds.

5. Hampton Collection Coral Fan Cushion

With the weather getting hotter every day, under the sea is the place to be, and our Hampton Coral Cushion will have you feeling like you’re diving on an ocean reef every time you enter your lounge room – no snorkel or flippers necessary. With a bright red bloom of coral embroidered in chunky cotton on the front, this cushion is bound to be the very centre of attention.

6. Florence Broadhurst Black Spring Floral Cushion

This is more than just a cushion – it’s the work of an Australian design icon! Back in the 50s, you’d find Florence Broadhurst’s distinctive wallpaper on the walls of houses, hotels and theatres all over Australia. A little bit retro, a whole heap of amazing, if you’re yet to discover Florence’s unique style, prepare to fall in love…

7. Linen and Moore Balmain Cushion

Yeah, we know. This is our second Linen and Moore cushion. But really, with Linen and Moore’s amazing designs, it’s really no wonder we’re so attached. Balmain, with its distinctive shades of blue, green, white and black has what it takes to make an impression. When your guests leave, they might be tempted to take this cushion with them…

8. Orla Kiely Giant Abacus Flower Cushion

We adore Irish designer, Orla Kiely’s irrepressibly cool retro style. This cushion makes the perfect place to begin your Orla Kiely collection. Or should that be Kiely-ection? We don’t know. Either way, this double-sided cushion is going to add a touch of colour to your couch or favourite armchair!

9. Wedgwood Home Hibiscus Ink Cushion

What? You thought Wedgwood only made plates and teapots and stuff for your table? Think again! Our new Wedgwood Home range is inspired by some of Wedgwood’s most popular patterns and makes the perfect way to introduce a little classic Wedgwood style to the rest of your home. Next time you’re eating dinner on the couch with this cushion beneath your plate, you can honestly say you’re dining with your finest Wedgwood!

10. Doiy Pillow Band Kids’ Cushions

The youngest members of your family can rock out with these cool cushions shaped like guitars and a microphone! In fact, these cushions are so funky, you might want to join the band too. Now – to decide on a band name. Cushin Park? Guns ‘n’ Cushions? We’ll leave the decision in your capable hands…

Which cushion is your favourite? And what would you call your pillow rock band? Let us know in the comments below…and if you’re looking for even more cushions, click here!

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