Seven Facts About Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set

Naturally, we’re pretty enthusiastic about the products we sell here at Peter’s – and we think you’ll love them too! Welcome to our new Seven Facts About series, where we’ll be taking an up-close-and-personal look at some of our favourite names and biggest brands…

To tell the truth, coming up with seven facts about UK design legends, Joseph Joseph was so easy we could have written this post in our sleep. When it comes to innovative products for your kitchen (and beyond!), designed to make life easier…and more colourful, you can depend on Joseph Joseph.

What’s Joseph Joseph all about? And what’s with that weird name? Allow us to explain. Here are seven fun facts about Joseph Joseph…

josephjoseph51 – Well, for starters, there’s that name…

We often say that Joseph Joseph is “the brand so nice, they named it twice”…but what’s the deal deal with the double name name? Here’s the story – Joseph Joseph was born in 2003, when twins, Antony and Richard Joseph joined forces to make their dreams of creating fun, functional products designed to make life easier a reality. Talk about a (t)winning combination! Suddenly, the name Joseph Joseph makes a lot more sense!

2 – Chop chop!

At first, Joseph Joseph specialised in making glass chopping boards, before branching out to create other products for the kitchen and home. These days, they make hundreds of products, but chopping boards have become kind of a speciality for Joseph Joseph. There’s the Chop 2 Pot Chopping Board – a super-smart cutting board designed to fold to make transferring food from your board to your frypan or saucepan so much easier. And the always-popular Index Chopping Board Set, shown below. It helps prevent accidental cross-contamination in your kitchen, by including a separate chopping board for chicken, veggies, red meat and more. Or, for small kitchens, there’s Nest Chopping Board Set, a cute set of colour-coordinated boards designed to take up next to no space on your bench.

josephjoseph43 – Designed to inspire

There’s nothing gimmicky or pointless about Joseph Joseph’s designs. Everything Joseph Joseph make is designed to help make your life just that little bit easier. Like their Elevate collection, for instance. Each of these clever utensils is designed to sit on your bench with the head slightly elevated, so you can place the spoon you’ve just used to stir a bubbling pot of pasta sauce down on the bench without having to worry about having to wipe down the bench afterward. Smart? We think so!

4 – Practical…and pretty

Joseph Joseph’s products might be designed to be practical…but they also happen to be seriously beautiful, too. For instance, just try resisting the colourful charm of the Nest Compact Storage Container Set, shown below. Each lid is a different colour, and the entire set is designed to be stored inside each other, so you can always find what you’re after without having to rummage through your kitchen cupboards. Although when it’s stacked together, the set is way too attractive to hide away in a cupboard!


5 – So much more than just kitchen tools

Joseph Joseph make a huge range of products designed to make preparing, storing and eating food easier – but they also make a range of brilliant cleaning gear and even bins, designed to make taking out the rubbish something you actually anticipate, rather than a dreaded chore. Joseph Joseph’s designers have thought of everything, and their range is growing all the time. We wonder how long it’ll be before Joseph Joseph’s brilliant products take over our whole home?

6 – Made to stick around, no matter what

So far, we’ve raved about Joseph Joseph’s good looks and brilliant design…but what’s the point of both of these things without durability? We’ve got good news. Everything Joseph Joseph make is designed to last. It’s a good thing Joseph Joseph’s products are so attractive, because you’ll be looking at them for years and years to come.

josephjoseph67 – We’re not the only ones raving about Joseph Joseph…

Everyone loves Joseph Joseph! The company might be officially based in London, but it’s a truly international brand, with offices in Tokyo, New York, Paris and more. Having so many offices is probably handy when it comes to storing all the design awards the Joseph Joseph team has picked up over the years. You can find Joseph Joseph products in more than one hundred countries all over the world, making life easier for people everywhere – and maybe even making the world a better, brighter place. It’s really no wonder Joseph Joseph is one of our biggest brands.


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