Ten things we love about… Kenwood

Kenwood Chef Sense MixerHere at Peter’s, we’re really passionate about the products we sell. That’s why we came up with our new Ten Things We Love About series. It’s our chance to tell you a little bit more about some of our favourite names and our biggest sellers.

For today’s Ten Things post, we thought we’d take a closer look at a brand that’s not only huge here at Peter’s. It’s just as popular around the world too. It’s Kenwood – makers of the cutest mixers around. And much more. Let us explain…

1Ten Things We Love About Kenwood…

Built to last

Kenwood appliances are legendary for their strength and durability. When you buy a Kenwood mixer, blender, food processor – anything – you’re making an investment. We often hear from Kenwood fans who have passed their appliances down to their children. Unlike many appliances, Kenwood’s range is designed to last. And last, and last, and last…

Hey, good lookin’

Designed and engineered in England, Kenwood appliances might be built like tanks, but they certainly don’t look bulky and boring. In fact, because Kenwood make mixers and more that are designed to last for decades, the Kenwood design team faces a unique challenge – how to design products that will still look as good on your kitchen bench in twenty years’ time as they do today. It’s a challenge they’ve met head on. It’s no wonder Kenwood’s devotion to timeless design has won them a stack of international design awards over the years, including the prestigious Red Dot award, the iF award and the Plus X award. They must have a seriously big trophy room at Kenwood HQ…

2It just makes sense

The Kenwood Chef Sense Kitchen Machine is a Kenwood classic. It’s got a 1100-watt motor, and its smart Intelligent Sense Control dial puts you in control. Your new Chef Sense mixer will also includes a bunch of brilliant tools that let you get started straight away. You’ll be surprised how amazingly easy the Chef Sense mixer is to use. You’ll be baking in no time…

I scream, you scream, we all scream

Actually, there’s no need to scream for ice cream – why would you, when it’s so easy to make your own ice cream with your Kenwood Kitchen Machine? Right now, for a very limited time, when you purchase a Chef Sense Kitchen Machine, you’ll receive an Ice Cream Bowl attachment valued at a recommended retail price of $129, absolutely free. This smart attachment is just what you need to help you make delicious ice creams and sorbets – and with a generous one litre capacity, there’s plenty to go around! Better be fast though. Our stocks won’t last. Click here to take a closer look.

3More than a mixer

We know we’ve been rambling about the Kenwood Kitchen Machine mixer for a while now, but there’s one more really important thing we need to tell you about these clever mixers – and that’s the range of attachments. With around twenty different attachments for the Chef Sense mixer, available separately, you can use your mixer to blend, chop, juice and more. You can even use your Kenwood Kitchen Machine to make your own pasta. There’s no limit to what you can create using these smart mixers…

Explore the range

Of course, Kenwood mixers are famous – but with a range that also includes food processors, super-smart blenders, toasters, kettles and so much more, there are plenty of other products to explore, too. Take a look at the range and fill your whole kitchen with Kenwood brilliance.

8Meet the kCook

The kCook is like your own personal chef. It chops, stirs and cooks – in fact, it’ll make an entire meal in one pot if you like! Just select a recipe from Kenwood’s kCook recipe app, add the ingredients to the kCook, press a button – and you’re done. The kCook will take care of the rest for you. It’s ideal for busy families, or those nights you just don’t feel like cooking a meal. From risottos to curries, steaming bowls of soup to hearty winter stews, the kCook can handle anything and everything. It’s such a smart appliance you’ll wish you discovered it years ago.

All the kFacts

When you choose a Kenwood appliance, you’re not alone. In fact, a Kenwood appliance is sold somewhere in the world every three seconds. Kenwood is based in England and has been since the company was founded by Kenneth Wood (hence Kenwood!) back in 1947 – which means Kenwood will be celebrating their 70th birthday next year! The iconic Kenwood Chef Machine has been around since 1950, and it was an immediate success. Harrods sold out completely within a week. Other cool facts about Kenwood? Since 2015, they’ve been the mixer of choice in the Great British Bake Off kitchen. And Baileys – the famous Irish liqueur – was first made in a Kenwood mixer. True story!

The Colours of kSense

If you’ve already fallen head over heels for Kenwood’s beautiful new kSense Mixers, you’re going to flip when you find out about the new collection of kSense Kettles and Toasters! It coordinates perfectly with Kenwood’s Chef Sense Kitchen Machines, and the whole range is taking pride of place in our store window right now – take a look at the images above. With four vintage-inspired pastel shades to choose from, your kitchen bench is about to get a stunning makeover. Oh, and there’s also classic white and stainless too. In other words, something for everyone.

Kenwood and Anna. The perfect team.

We’ve saved our favourite thing about Kenwood for last. Recently, Kenwood Australia announced a partnership with one of our favourite bakers – Anna Polyviou. With her distinctive style and immense talent, we think Kenwood and Anna make the perfect team. Anna joined us in the Peter’s Kitchen just the other day to cook some delicious desserts, just for us – take a look at the pictures.

Here’s Anna making her Wag-Anna Wheels – a colourful, tasty take on Wagon Wheels. Check out the other Chef Sense mixers on our website for more recipes from Anna!

Convinced you need a Kenwood appliance (or two) in your kitchen? Take a closer look at our Kenwood range…


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