Ten things we love about… Riedel Glassware!

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Here at Peter’s, we’re really passionate about the products we sell – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our new Ten Things We Love About series gives us the chance to take an up-close look at some of our biggest names…

So far in our Ten Things We Love About series, we’ve profiled KitchenAid mixers, Nespresso Coffee Machines, Scanpan Classic cookware and Kenwood appliances. This time, we’re stepping out of the kitchen to take a look at one of our biggest brands: Riedel glassware!


Ten things we love about Riedel Glassware…


The best of the best of the best

If you’ve never heard about Riedel before, here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell: Riedel’s wine glasses are widely acknowledged as the best in the world. And it’s not just our opinion – ask any wine aficionado and they’ll tell you…quite possibly at great length about the quality of Riedel glassware. Secondly, it’s pronounced “Ree-del”, not “Rye-dell”. Here’s Maximillian Riedel to tell you a little more about Riedel…

Revolutionising the wine glass

Another essential thing you need to know about Riedel is that they pretty much invented the wine glass as we know it today. In 1961, Claus Riedel revolutionised the way we enjoy wine, creating a line of glassware with a different glass for every kind of wine. Every Riedel glass is shaped specifically to maximise the flavour and bouquet of your wine, so you get the most from each sip. This is, without a doubt, the ultimate way to enjoy wine.

In vino variety-as

As if varietal-specific glassware isn’t cool enough as it is, there’s also a number of Riedel ranges to choose from. Like the classic Vinum series, for instance, with rounded bowls and flowing stems that look simply amazing. Or maybe the distinctive O Series is more your thing? These o-shaped glasses are as dramatic as glassware gets. Then there’s the Veritas range, the new Degustazione collection – and that’s just the beginning. Whatever your style, there’s a Riedel range to suit you.

3More than just glassware…

Of course, there’s more to Riedel than just glassware. As well as cleaning cloths and more to help you keep your Riedel glasses and more in tip-top shape. There’s also Riedel’s range of decanters. From the straightforward to the showstopping, Riedel decanters are works of art. Back in 2014, they released the limited edition (sadly no longer in stock) Horn Decanter – a homage to Riedel’s Bavarian heritage, could be played like an instrument. Don’t believe us? Okay – here’s Maximillian Riedel again with a demonstration…

A dream to keep clean

Riedel glassware is more than just dishwasher safe – it’s actually designed to be cleaned in the dishwasher! For best results, don’t overcrowd your dishwasher, and don’t wash your Riedel glassware with a heap of pots and dirty baking dishes. And another, even more valuable Riedel tip: many Riedel glasses hold a surprising amount of wine. Many breakages can be avoided by cleaning your glassware the morning after a party rather than on the same night…

Big big love

We meant it when we said these are really big glasses. Take a look at Riedel’s Vinum XL series, for instance. These oversized glasses are huge. The Cabernet Sauvignon glass, for instance, holds an incredible 960ml of wine. Your average bottle of wine has a volume of 750ml. Of course, Riedel glasses aren’t actually meant to hold an entire bottle of wine. That extra space is intended to allow you to swirl your wine to your heart’s content, but still…whoa!


For serious lovers of wine

If you really love wine, think of Riedel glassware as an investment – a lot like wine itself! After all, what’s the point in cracking open a bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion for years and serving it in inferior glassware? If you don’t know where to start, begin your collection with glasses to suit the wine you enjoy most often, then expand from there to include glasses for other kinds of wine, a decanter and more.

Packed with value

Another excellent way to begin your Riedel collection is with a Riedel Value Pack. They let you get your hands on a heap of Riedel glassware for less. A tip from those in the know? Keep an eye out for our Pay for 3 Get 4 Packs and Pay for 6 Get 8 Packs! They’re such good value and allow you to stock up on enough glassware for dinner parties and other special occasions.

5Experience the difference yourself

It’s not just the big-name wine experts who love Riedel glassware. Here at Peter’s, we know the difference Riedel glassware makes because we’ve tried it ourselves. You’ll find most of the staff in our Riedel department have been to Riedel tastings, so when it comes to Riedel, we really know our stuff. Naturally.

Eleven generations of innovation

When we mentioned earlier that Riedel changed the history of the wine glass, we weren’t being over the top. Riedel is a family-owned company that can trace its history back eleven generations – all the way back to 1756, in fact. This year is Riedel’s 260th anniversary, and they’re celebrating with some really special Riedel sets. Happy birthday Riedel! We’re raising a glass to another 260 years of elegance and innovation.


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