Video: Go Greek with MKR twins, Helena and Vikki!

On Thursday April 21, the Peter’s Kitchen turned Greek for the day to welcome Helena and Vikki Moursellas, identical twins, lovers of Greek cuisine…and, of course, My Kitchen Rules superstars!

While most graduates of the My Kitchen Rules kitchen are content to rest on their laurels, Helena and Vikki have gone from strength to strength. After departing MKR in fourth place back in 2014, they haven’t rested for a second. In less than two years, they’ve published their first cookbook, Taking You Home; they’ve established Twofold, their first restaurant, in Sydney’s Civic Hotel and they’ve just launched their own YouTube series, Taking You Two. Oh, and the twins even found the time to come and visit us last year, too! Talk about busy…

We can’t get enough of Helena and Vikki’s unique take on modern Greek cuisine, so we invited them back to cook a delicious Greek Feast. If you couldn’t make it to our event last Thursday, our video is the next best thing to being there Plus, don’t forget to check our our photos, too! 

Thanks to everyone who came along. We had a great time – and we hope you did, too!

Got to get it…

Want to cook like Helena and Vikki? Here are a few things from our range we think will come in handy…


Taking You Home

Helena and Vikki’s Cookbook – Taking You Home

Now you’ve had a taste of Greek cuisine, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting more! In Taking You Home, the twins’ first cookbook, Helena and Vikki explore some of their favourite Greek places, memories and meals, with a selection of simple recipes that will have you hooked…

Meze Lucky Eye PlateLucky Eye Plates

According to Greek folklore, eye designs and charms can ward off bad luck. Whether it brings you luck or not, you’ll love this distinctive design. Each plate is made in Melbourne and painted by hand, so every one is different.They’re also exclusive to Peter’s of Kensington!

Avanti Mortar and Pestle

Avanti Crush ‘n’ Grind Mortar and Pestle

Want to get into Greek cooking? You’re going to need one of these. With a Mortar and Pestle, you can make your own unique blends of spices, herbs and more – ideal for adding a little extra zing to every meal. And, as an added bonus, when you’re not cooking, it’ll look pretty impressive sitting on your kitchen bench!

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