Our Top 9 New Year’s Resolutions

With just a few days to go until 2019 turns into 2020, chances are you’re thinking about what you want to achieve in the New Year. We had a think about some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions and, from eating healthy to doing more to look after the environment, we’ve got plenty of suggestions to help you make promises you can keep for 2020. It’s going to be a great year!

1. Drink more water

Drinking more water is great for your health, and when you take your own bottle, you’ll find you save money – as well as reducing the number of plastic bottles heading off to landfill. It’s an all-round win, really. Keeping hydrated is easy when you have a drink bottle that as stylish as the Stelton To Go Water Bottle or Rosanna’s Greek Key Water Bottle, decorated with a shiny gold Greek Key pattern. There’s also the practical Aqua Pad from Avanti, designed to sit in your bag with your books, laptop and more to save space. Don’t let its flat profile fool you for a moment – it might be flat, but it still holds plenty of water!

2. Become a domestic deity

If you’re the kind of person who never misses an episode of My Kitchen Rules or The Great Australian Bake Off and think you’d like to be a better cook yourself in 2017, we can help! Start your kitchen career off in the best possible way, with a cookware set designed by Jamie Oliver and the legends at Tefal. Or bake up an amazing New Year with a KitchenAid Mixer. If you’re looking for a few reasons why these incredible mixers are the best around, we have ten of them right here. If you’re in need of a little guidance, Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion is an Australian cookbook classic, with nearly one thousand recipes for you to try! Just the thing to add a little variety to your diet in the New Year…

3. Get organised

Don’t forget a single thing in 2017. Write down all your appointments in Letts’ colourful Totem Diary. Its useful week-to-view layout lets you take a look at the entire week ahead at a glance. Or, go the whole hog and join the Filofax brigade. Sure, mobile phones and apps are useful for helping you keep track of things, but a Filofax never runs out of power…and looks so much more impressive! For writing notes, ideas and so much more, there’s no going past Moleskine’s colourful Contrast Notebook. With a hardcover design and an elastic strap to keep the cover closed, its designed to go everywhere you go. Once you’ve discovered Moleskine notebooks, you’ll never look back.

4. Just relax!

Stress less in 2017! Take up knitting, with Knitca’s cute Blanket Knitting Kit. It’s got everything you need to get started. Experience a little aromatherapy, with Oregon Scientific’s iRelax Fragrance Diffuser. It’s got a built-in alarm clock to help you wake up feeling refreshed. Whoever said technology was stressful? Finally, why not colour yourself calm, with an anti-stress colouring book? Loaded with 365 designs, quotes and relaxing thoughts to consider, this is your ticket to your most blissful year ever.

5. Be kinder to the environment

It’s more than just easy to do your thing to help the environment…it’s really stylish, too! Rather than adding yet another takeaway coffee cup to the pile in the bin under your desk, take an Avanti Go Mug instead! These reusable mugs are really colourful, they’re easy to keep clean, and they’re double-walled, to keep your coffee warm longer. At home, encourage native birds to visit your backyard, with a little birdseed and Eva Solo’s Bird Feeder. And next time you’re heading down to the shops, take a Loqi Triangles Bag with you. They’re so much better looking than plastic bags – and you can fit more inside them as well.

6. Get out more!

Sure, you begin every year with the best intentions – weekends in the park, travel, days at the beach. But somehow, it never works out. Spending the afternoon in front of Netflix always seems easier. Not any more! Get a cute chair from Sunnylife, find a place on the sand and watch the world go by. Pack lunch and head for the park with an Avanti Picnic Basket – it’s got everything you need. All you need to add is the food. Or go extreme and plan the trip of a lifetime. Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020 is your guide to the most exciting sights and experiences the world has to offer.

7. Be healthier

It’s not easy, getting into shape, but we’ve got the perfect way to help you get started. Chances are, you already know chef Karen Martini from Better Homes and Gardens. With her latest cookbook, Salads and Vegetables, Karen introduces you to a host of delicious meals, filled with fresh, nutritious ingredients that are great news for your health. Talking of vegetables, steaming fish and veggies is easy with Progressive’s Fish and Vegetable Steamer. Just fill it up, pop it in your microwave, and you’ll be enjoying a light, healthy meal in seconds flat. There’s also Magimix’s brilliant Le Duo Plus Juicer. This powerful, commercial-grade mixer is the ideal way to create healthy juices – and for a limited time only, it includes a bonus gift!

8. Indulge yourself

Well, why not? Experiencing a little everyday luxury is a resolution as good as any! For guys, there’s the Polo Red for Men Gift Set, which includes eau de toilette, aftershave and deodorant. Or what about the Gentleman London Shaving Set? He’ll love beginning his day using this lavish, beautifully-crafted set. For women, the Bowehaus Tassel Necklace makes the ideal addition to any night out. And there’s also Mason Pearson – the hairbrushes loved by stylists, celebrities and more. Coffee lovers will love the new Nespresso Inissia. It makes delicious coffee at the touch of a button – and if you buy one before January 8, you can take advantage of Nespresso’s current Cash Back offer!

9. Save money

Well, that one’s easy. Take advantage of our New Year Clearance Sale and you’ll save up to 80% off recommended retail prices across our entire range of cookware, dinnerware, luggage, cutlery – everything! Our front page is the perfect place to start.

Happy New Year – and happy savings!

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