Older Kids

Kidswear, Bedding, Games & Accessories

With kids’ bed linen, books, toys and more, all patiently awaiting your attention, our Older Kids category is a dream come true for kids and parents alike.

Those two dreaded words, “I’m booored”, will be a thing of the past now we’re here to help. This is where you’ll find toys, games, models and puzzles designed for kids over two years old – in other words, everything you could ever need to keep boredom at bay for good!

Your kids can relax with a book, indulge in a little colouring in, learn to do magic tricks or even get creative in the kitchen. There’s so much to do…and so much to choose from.

Oh, and of course, we’ve also got bedding, wall art and more that’ll make being sent to their room seem like a pleasure rather than a punishment.

Boredom is banned and fun rules here at Peter’s of Kensington!