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Do you have the time? Peter's of Kensington has an incredible line of designer wall, mantel, porthole and desk clocks. Each with their own unique personality and style. Even in the age of computers and smartphones, there's something so special about a dynamic, analogue clock. The craftsmanship, the action of the clock hands and the combination of materials, colours and design all combine for a masterful aesthetic unmatched by digital. If you've been searching for a quirky, funky and out there look for a wall clock, then the Alessi design company is for you. With modern features, interesting colours and wonderful stylistic finish, there is no better option. Browse the full range of designer clocks today!

Perhaps you're looking for something a little bit different? Peter's of Kensington has a number of fantastic clocks designed specifically for people with a good eye for unique and quality style. For example of our wonderful range of designer items, check out the wonderful Aluminium porthole clock from Authentic Models. With incredible attention to detail, this wonderful creation is truly a delightful creation for people who love a nautical theme. For more incredible clock designs, browse the full range today.