Beach & Pool Toys

Beach & Pool Toys

Make your outdoor adventures unforgettable with our beach & pool toys

As the sun beckons and the outdoors call for adventure, having the right gear can turn any day into an unforgettable experience. At Peter's of Kensington, we offer a curated selection of outdoor essentials designed to enhance your fun under the sun. 

From comfortable sun loungers that invite relaxation to stylish outdoor fire pits that bring warmth to your evenings, beach towels with vibrant designs and beach umbrellas for that much-needed shade, our collection has everything you need for the perfect day at the beach or pool. 

Sourced from trusted brands like Sunnylife and Antibes Outdoor, our range combines functionality with style, ensuring your outdoor leisure is both enjoyable and chic.


Explore our high-quality selection and be ready for a beautiful day outdoors 

Our commitment to quality means that every product we have is designed to withstand the elements while providing you with maximum comfort and convenience. Whether you're planning a family day at the beach, a pool party with friends or a serene afternoon by yourself, we have sun loungers, beach towels and other outdoor essentials guaranteed to elevate your experience. Their durability and aesthetic appeal ensure you’re investing in items that look great and last through many seasons of fun.

We also encourage you to explore our other travel and leisure products, which include everything from outdoor gear to travel accessories, so you're fully equipped for any adventure. 


Peter's of Kensington — your go-to source for outdoor essentials

Whether you’re looking for premium beach towels and beach umbrellas or high-quality floatation devices, we're passionate about helping you make the most of your time outdoors. Shop our offerings online today or visit one of our stores to find the perfect outdoor essentials.