Cakes & Baking

Baking Accessories, Cake Pans, Cake Decorating, and Specialty Bakeware

When it comes to the biggest and best range of baking supplies around, Peter’s of Kensington takes the cake.

Top-of-the-line non-stick bakeware. Expert cake decorating gear. Cake toppers, rolling pins, pie dishes, pastry boards. With all these and so much more, we’re a baker’s wildest dream come true.

In other words, we have everything you could ever need to help you make absolutely delicious baked treats that are bound to disappear in seconds flat. In fact, you might want to make sure you take something for yourself first – there’s nothing worse than missing out!

Our range of baking supplies is the best around… which just goes to show, there’s nothing sweeter than shopping at Peter’s!