Coffee & Tea

Coffee Makers, Stovetop Kettles, Tea Infusers, Travel Mugs & Flasks

Some love coffee. Others prefer tea. Don’t worry – we’re not trying to start a fight. Here at Peter’s, we believe coffee and tea lovers can exist together in perfect harmony!

Whether you can’t function without your early-morning coffee, or you’re more of a tea person (or maybe a bit of both!), we have everything you need to help you make the most of your favourite brew. Just think – French Presses, cute tea infusers, incredibly stylish Alessi kettles, milk frothers and cappuccino stencils that will have you feeling like a professional barista – they’re all here. Even vacuum flasks and travel mugs so you can take your freshly-made coffee or tea on the road with you. We’ve got it all.

Coffee lovers and tea lovers alike now have one thing in common: they’ll all love Peter’s of Kensington.