Pots, Frypans, Saucepans and Stainless Steel Cookware

Go on a culinary adventure with Peter's of Kensington's premium cookware

The cornerstone of every great meal is not just the ingredients but also the cookware used to bring them to life. High-quality cookware is essential for achieving professional results, offering both amateur cooks and seasoned chefs the precision, heat distribution and reliability needed to execute their culinary visions. 

At Peter's of Kensington, we're passionate about equipping Australian kitchens with the finest tools, which is why we've carefully curated a collection of cookware to suit a wide array of cooking styles and preferences.


Prepare gourmet-level meals with the right tools at your disposal

Our extensive list caters to all needs and preferences. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or a large group, a simple, well-made meal or a Michelin-star-worthy entree, we have the solutions you need to achieve any and all culinary endeavours.

Some of the options you’ll find include: Casserole pots, French ovens, Fry pans and skillets, Saute pans, Grills and griddlesRoasting dishesSaucepans, Stockpots and Dutch oven, Stirfry pans and Woks, Pressure cookers, Oven-to-table cookware and Cookware accessories.

Additionally, we offer high-quality cookware sets, allowing you to acquire a relatively complete cooking setup at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for stainless steel cookware or more specialty cooking essentials, you can be confident that all of Peter’s of Kensington’s offerings come from trusted brands. 


Get your cooking essentials all in one place

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with Peter's of Kensington. Our cookware is chosen with the discerning chef in mind, ensuring quality, durability and style. Shop online or visit one of our stores to explore our full range and start creating dishes that taste extraordinary and are a joy to prepare.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our cookware sets or need help navigating our products to find the ideal fit for your kitchen.