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Unleash your inner fashionista with handbags from Peter's of Kensington

Explore Peter's of Kensington ladies’ handbag range with handpicked pieces from top brands. These accessories are a must in elevating your style and sophistication, whether you want to add utility to your workday ensemble or a pop of fun for your evening adventures. Amp up your wardrobe with spacious work bags, chic clutches, versatile crossbody bags and more at Peter's of Kensington.


Styles and designs that complete any ensemble

In Peter's of Kensington’s handbag assortment, you'll find various styles and designs tailored to complement any outfit. Whatever you’re wearing and wherever you’re headed, you can always step out in confidence and style with the right purse in tow. Invest in a structured tote that adds a touch of professionalism. Meanwhile, playful mini-bags bring a burst of joy to any casual look. Fit a makeup bag inside, and you’ll be good to go for any busy day.

Want a timeless piece? Indulge in the luxury of supple leather handbags that age gracefully with you, or make a sustainable choice with our eco-friendly fabrics that blend fashion with responsibility. With an eye for the latest trends, Peter's of Kensington includes everything from the bold statements of animal prints and metallic finishes to the understated beauty of pastel hues and minimalist designs.


Grow your handbag collection with a signature piece from Peter's of Kensington

Whether you want a versatile accessory or a luxurious statement piece, Peter's of Kensington is your ultimate destination for ladies’ handbags. We have everything from sophisticated work bags to enchanting clutches for your evening attire. Browse our array of handbags and discover your next beloved piece. Let your personality shine through every carry!

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