Wrapping Paper

Perfect your gift presentation with Peter's of Kensington range of wrapping paper

Make every present stand out with our curated selection of wrapping paper at Peter's of Kensington. Our offerings upgrade gift presentation, allowing you to weave creativity, care and personal flair into the art of gifting. For moments big or small — from sending an invitation, celebrating a birthday or simply showing appreciation — find the wrapping paper that complements your gift at Peter's of Kensington.


Discover a world of patterns and textures

Explore a collection of gift wrapping paper where each design brings its own story, catering to diverse preferences and occasions. Our range includes everything from the elegance of metallic finishes to the striking allure of red wrapping paper. We meticulously select each design to help your gifts captivate both the eye and the heart. Our durable and visually appealing papers transform your gifts into memorable treasures, sparking anticipation for what lies inside.


Eco-friendly and chic

At Peter's of Kensington, our commitment to beauty extends to our planet’s well-being. Select from eco-conscious gift wrapping paper options that blend style with sustainability. Our papers, made with recycled materials and safe inks, let you wrap generously while caring for the environment, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gifts.


Create lasting memories with wrapping paper at Peter's of Kensington

Gift wrapping at Peter's of Kensington transforms a simple offering into a heartfelt expression. Our wrapping papers, accommodating all sizes and shapes of gifts, make it easy to use without sacrificing style. With the perfect fold and crisp cut, our wrapping paper helps you amplify the joy of giving.

Scour Peter's of Kensington stationery products for the wrapping paper that matches your vision of the perfect gift presentation. Add a note card and turn every gift into an unforgettable gesture!