Bed Linen & Bedspreads

Forget about counting sheep. With bed linen from Peter’s, every night’s sleep is guaranteed to be a good one.

For all the biggest names in bedding, pillows, bedspreads and more, you can trust us. With our massive selection of bed linen, we’ll help you turn your bedroom into a comfortable nest you’ll never want to leave. Take a look around and you’ll find cotton sheet sets from Sheridan, pillows from Tontine, quilts from Onkaparinga, quilt covers from famed Australian designer, Florence Broadhurst and so much more.

Combine your favourites to create a cosy, luxurious bedroom that’s uniquely yours…and absolutely impossible to resist.

Cancel that 5am yoga class. Turn off the alarm, close the door and unplug the phone. Fluff up your pillows and pull the quilt right up to your ears. With bedding from Peter’s of Kensington, sleeping in will become even more tempting than usual.

Sorry, morning people!