Outdoor Dining

Lunch Boxes, Picnic Sets, Drink Bottles, and BBQ Accessories

Here in Australia, outdoor dining is pretty much a way of life.

Sometimes it’s because the weather’s hot, or because you’ve invited more people over than you can actually fit inside your house. But really, when it comes to a barbecue, any excuse is good enough to get the grill sizzling and the conversation flowing!

Here at Peter’s, we love a good barbie as much as you do, which is why we’ve got such a wide range of barbecue accessories, outdoor tableware, party gear and more. We’ve even got outdoor chairs and picnic sets, and you’ll find lunch boxes, cooler bags and drink bottles here, too.

Well? Why sit inside a moment longer? Go on – grab some friends, get outside and find out for yourself why it’s called the Great Outdoors!