Outdoor Chairs & Accessories

Outdoor Chair Accessories

Camping, barbecues or a simple backyard get together with friends, family and loved ones are some of the most Australian situations imaginable. They make for some of the most memorable and beautiful moments that we capture all year round - and especially in summer.

There’s a common theme in the majority of these pastimes, and that’s the fact that the majority of them are outdoors, while taking advantage of our excellent climate.

Making the most out of them is possible with Outdoor Chairs & Accessories, such as umbrellas to block the harsh sun and hammocks – for the extra lounge.

If you want to be the coolest on the beach, or have the best seats at your next camping trip or barbecue, don’t look any further than our online range here at Peter’s of Kensington for outdoor chairs, umbrellas, hammocks and every other accessory today.