Tea Towels, Oven Mitts & Aprons

Here at Peter’s, we think it’s about time people looked at tea towels a little differently.

Rather than seeing them as an unfortunate sign that you’re about to start doing the dishes, we’d rather you considered your choice of tea towel as a chance to to express yourself. After all, you’ve always got a tea towel hanging from the front of your oven, so choose a design that fits in with your décor, then accessorise with coordinating oven mitts, an apron and more!

Because we understand what a drag cleaning can be, here in our Cleaning category, we’ve got heaps of things that will make cleaning your kitchen not only easy, but stylish too. Maybe with one of our clever dish racks, a trusty dish brush and, of course, a cute tea towel on standby, tackling a sink full of pots won’t seem quite so bad?