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Say hello to our Entertainment category, a treasure trove of games, gadgets and other goodies that will keep your whole family amused.

Our classic board games – including amazing Italian-made chess and backgammon sets from names like Agresti and Renzo – are not only just the thing to banish rainy-day boredom... they’re also rather elegant. Rather than putting your game away when you’ve finished playing, you might be tempted to leave it sitting on the table for a while…

Fill your home with music from our enormous range of music and blast your favourite songs out loud! Our selection of portable speakers will help with that. We’ve got gadgets galore, as well as accessories like laptop sleeves and tablet holders to make your technology work for you.

Start a jigsaw puzzle. Begin a new collection. Or bust out some dance moves. At Peter’s, the possibilities are endless - and enticing!