Dressing Tables

Enhance your bedroom with stylish dressing tables at Peter's of Kensington

Elevate your morning routine with Peter's of Kensington’s selection of dressing tables, where elegance meets daily functionality. Our carefully curated collection features pieces that blend seamlessly into any bedroom decor, from sleek, modern designs to classic, timeless pieces. Find the perfect dressing tables and mirrors that add beauty and organisation to your space.


Features that define our collection

Our dressing tables offer a variety of features to meet your needs. With spacious drawers, you can organise your beauty essentials and accessories with ease, keeping your space clutter-free. Rotating or adjustable mirrors provide the perfect angle for makeup application or styling your hair. Built-in lighting options, available in select models, create the ideal setting for getting ready, day or night.


Styles and finishes to complement any decor

Our dressing table collection caters to every taste, merging the classic charm of traditional wooden designs with the sleek appeal of glass and metal accents. Designed to complement any bedroom décor, our dressing table comes in a variety of colours and finishes. 

Opt for warm natural woods, crisp white lacquers or rich, dark stains to perfectly match your personal style. Our range also includes various configurations, such as space-saving corner dressing tables, to ensure the perfect fit for your space and needs.


Find your perfect dressing tables at Peter's of Kensington today

A dressing table from Peter's of Kensington is not just a piece of furniture but also a personal statement. It enhances your daily routine, offering a designated space for self-care and preparation. Enhance the harmony of your bedroom furniture by matching your dressing table with our bedheads, bedside tables, benches, trunks, dividers, vanities and mirrors for a unified look. 

Ready to complete your dressing area? Discover the practical beauty of our dressing table at Peter's of Kensington — order the perfect piece for your bedroom today!