Kitchen Tools

Chopping Boards, Mixing Bowls, and Kitchen Gadgets

They say a bad craftsperson always blames their tools, but we don’t agree. Here at Peter’s, we think that if your kitchen utensils are letting you down, you shouldn’t put up with it a moment longer!

Why would you mess around with less-than-perfect kitchen tools, when here at Peter’s, we’ve got pretty much everything you and your kitchen could ever need to get the job done? Whether you’re juicing, chopping, peeling or measuring, you’ll find all kinds of clever kitchen supplies to help you here at Peter’s of Kensington.

Our experienced kitchenware buyers have scoured the globe to select only the best and brightest tools for your kitchen benches and drawers. Think top-quality chopping boards, Microplane graters and ridiculously smart (not to mention devilishly good looking!) kitchen innovations from brands like Alessi, Joseph Joseph and, of course, Australia’s own Dreamfarm.

Shop with us and we’ll have your kitchen drawers filled with clever, useful kitchen tools in the time it takes to say “Peter’s of Kensington”!