Betty Bossi Vegetable Twisters

Ever been to a restaurant and wondered how on earth they make those wonderfully twisty veggies? Wonder no longer. This is the answer. And it’s called – strangely enough – Betty Bossi.

Use one end of the Veggie Twister to create thin spaghetti-like strands. Use the other end to make long, continuous vegetable spirals. It’s a heap of fun. Not to mention simple! And your meals will look like they were made in a restaurant.

When your friends and family ask you how on earth you make your veggies all twisty, you could share your secret. Or leave them wondering if you spent hours painstakingly slicing your veggies by hand. It’s up to you.

With the Betty Bossi Veggie Twister in your kitchen drawer, vegetables will never be quite the same. So take a look at Peter's of Kensington's Betty Bossi range and live out your vegetable dreams.