Larch Wood

Larch Wood Chopping Boards

If you were to create your own range of cutting boards, how would you decide on the wood to be used?

For Larchwood Enterprises, the choice was simple: they turned to an abundant, local tree East Canadian Larch. Traditionally, larch has been used for ship-building – and you know that wood has got to be tough for that!

The wood of the larch tree provides a beautiful material for Larchwood’s local craftsmen to work with, and is renowned for its rot resistance, strength, and ability to neutralise bacteria. In essence, larch has all the characteristics needed for a superior cutting surface.

Specialising in end grain creations, Larchwood cutting boards are kind to your knives and make a stunning addition to your kitchen. Not only do the prominent rings within the grain make these boards stand out from the rest, but they also help the board “heal” as you cut against it, for an extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting board.

Truly heirloom, both professional and aspiring chefs will fall in love with Larchwood’s range of boards.