Electric Juicers

Making your own juice is a very rewarding and involving experience. With a Juicer in the house you open up a world of new opportunities to create and even invent your own delicious hybrids of fruit, vegetables and anything else that will juice!

There is also a huge benefit to juice. Apple, orange and mandarin a few classic examples of some of the most delicious fruits that can be turned into some of the world’s most delectable drinks.

The health benefit of juice is also undisputed - Juicing fruits with a critically acclaimed, and gorgeous juicer brings more than just an excellent kitchen appliance - it’s a reminder to get the right vitamins and sustenance that you need to live a healthy and strong life.

Some of the brands of Juicers that you’ll find available in our online store include Magimix, Braun and Breville - these are just a small sample of the plethora of the range that’s available here at Peter’s of Kensington.

If you’re in the market for a juicer, simply look and buy online today!