Bathroom Accessories

Toilet Brushes, Soap Dispensers and Toothbrush Holders

Is your bathroom looking a little sparse? While it might be a little bit embarrassing to think about, we spend quite a bit of our time in our bathrooms, whether it is unwinding after a hard day of work in the shower, brushing our teeth or simply maintaining our hygiene. So if the bathroom is such an important space in the house, why do we leave it looking so barren? Peter’s of Kensington has a great range of bathroom accessories to help you jazz up your living environment. From a a line of funky designer toilet brushes, which are anything but mundane! We have a range of quirky and funky ideas. Such a the Buckle tube squeezer from Alessi, which is a creative design to make sure you get every last drop out of your toothpaste, just think of how much you'll save! Browse the full line of bathroom accessories online now!

Peter’s of Kensington has an incredible line of designer bathroom accessories. Each with their own fantastically quirky, unique character and personality. The incredible range of toilet brush and holders are so modern and innovative in their design that they look as if they're about to blast off into space. With smooth, clean edges and modern aesthetic features, these wonderful bathroom accessories will be a welcome addition to any space. Browse the full line of wonderful bathroom accessories and get high quality products at incredible prices now!